Black Bart's
Personal Pirate Pages


Ahoy Mateys!

Welcome to old Bartholomew Grogswiller’s Personal
Pirate Pages.
First things first, ye can call me by me old nickname,
Black Bart
from now on. After all, us pirates enjoy good nicknames,
like Billy Bones and Long John Silver.

Ye might be wondering what by thunder be Black Bart’s Personal Pirate Pages?
Well mate, it be just what it sounds like. That’s right swabs, old Black Bart shall
be imparting on these said pages all of his vast knowledge of the sea and of course
his vast knowledge of everything piratical.

Some of the topics we will be exploring in this handbook of sorts are pirate legends, names, timelines, treasures and loot, weapons, terrible tactics, rules (Pirate Articles), pirate ships, pirate flags, putrid punishments, foul facts, how to dress yeself as a pirate, cutthroat cuties and of course How to Talk like a Pirate!

Now, Use yer deadlights, suck down a heavy-wet, but don’t get to groggified,
for ye need to be reading me parting knowledge on these said pages.
This ain’t be hornswoggle, mates - savvy?

Enjoy these pages and Fair Winds to ye all!

Bartholomew Grogswiller (Black Bart)

Check out me other pages The Pirate Life / Infamous Pirates / Pirate Food and Drink / Pirate Glossary / Pirate Picture Gallery / Black Bart for Hire for more piratical fun.


If ye be looking fer some more interaction with pirates, be sure to check out me other web site in which ye can hire old Black Bart fer yer very own party. Just click
on me picture at the top of this page to be taken to said web page.

Now, if ye be wantin' more than
just one pirate, come and see Black Bart and a bunch of his fellow mates at
The Port Washington Pirate Festival. This family friendly pirate festival is held every year during the first weekend in June. To find out more about the festival, click on me visage to the left of these
here words.


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